06 abril 2009


Is it true?
How do you know?
If you're involved, if you want him, if you love him, you don't have the ability to understand if he's really that much into you.

You know when he steps back.
You know when he gives up on you.
You know when you listen: "Love isn't always the answer!"
You know when it costs your heart to hear this, and it costs your heart because you don't believe in this sentence.
You want to run away and find the real answer. This one, I know, is inside myself. The truth is inside myself. I hope to find it someday.

I'll start my search tomorrow. Not today, tomorrow. Today it still hurts too much. Today I still have to cry, I still need to cry, I still feel too much not to cry.
I'm doing something new, something different, and I hope it starts helping me to cure my broken heart, but more than that, I hope it starts helping me to find answers. Important answers to important questions.
Still... I don't know when crying will stop. Not on the outside, the one that hurts is your inner crying. Your inner self.
Still... I could write a book just on how much hurt I am.
p.s. - that's why I am like this, because in the heat of the moment I say wherever my head thinks, and your head shouldn't control you, you should control your head.
As to your heart, never control it, please, never control your heart. Feelings were not created to controlled.

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