22 abril 2009

Achei interessante...

We are trying to find......
outstanding people to work in an innovative incoming project to Portugal.
If you are open minded, fun, ambitious, if you desperately want to change the world, be aware of this opportunity:
Creative Tourism Manager
Authority to manage 360º around one (or several) travel motivation. Choice of the appropriate partners to launch in international network and respective distributors to sell the representative offer. Concepts like score card, business plan, P&L accounts and communication management must be familiar to these professionals.
Minimal requirements:
• Academic degree in Marketing or Tourism
• Fluent in 3 languages (PT, EN and one more)
• Less that 35 years old
• Knowledge of the international tourism trends
• Pro-active with a problem solving attitude
• Love Portugal
• EU CitizenOptimal requirements
• Experience in tourism (incoming processes)
• Knowledge of the Alentejo tourism offer
If you want to be reached, please send us your REAL motivation letter, CV and a cool surprise for ctm@vistadmc.pt

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